Beware Australians, the Huntsman Is Now In Town, Massive Spider Carries A Mouse !!

Beware Australians, The Huntsman Is Now In town, Massive Spider Carries A Mouse !!

Beware Australians, The Huntsman Is Now In town, Massive Spider Carries A Mouse

Remember the time when getting bitten by a massive spider was the ultimate thing because of the Spider-man craze going all around? Well, tarantula and other huge arachnids in real life look dangerous to common mouse and rats?

Yes, you read that right, Australia which is home to many deadly creatures has now found itself yet another spider which now goes by the name Hernie.

It all happened when Jason Wormal from Queensland received a call from his neighbor who asked him whether he wanted to see something cool. James didn’t hesitate a bit and went to his neighbor’s place when he discovered this giant spider carrying a grown rat.

The most striking feature of this killer spider is the strength it possesses. It has been all over Australia news and has garnered 6.5 million views since going viral.

The spider used its head to catch the mouse and moved up the fridge. The terrifying sight has already evoked a sense of fear among fellow Queen slanders. Although the discoverer of this arachnid seems to be aloof of all this tension and went on to name the huntsman.

Though experts have said that it is not a rarity for spiders to hunt-down other creatures same or bigger than their own size. There has been a bit if doubt regarding the death of the mouse; considering the venom that was used to kill the mouse might not be sufficient enough to kill a grown mouse all by itself or whether it had been dead before the spider got hold if it.

These questions are due to be answered shortly, but as of now the story of the huntsman is trending high all over the social networking sites.

The huntsman has produced a moment to startle everyone and now finds itself under the spotlight. It is also said that these giants can grow up to 16 cm in size and possess huge stamina.

Source: Mask Agent

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