Freedom At Last! Find Out How Animal Advocacy Has A 10 yr Enslaved Dog A New Life

Freedom At Last !! Find Out How Animal Advocacy Has A 10 yr Enslaved Dog A New Life

Freedom At Last! Find Out How Animal Advocacy Has A 10 yr Enslaved Dog A New Life

A Tale Of Torture

Despite the steps that the western world has made to protect animal rights and dignity, cruelty is still secretly going on.

This article is a true story of the sufferings and rescue of a dog that was chained and abused for 10 years.

She was rejected and nicknamed “Judas” by her owners who abandoned her with no care, toys, bones, water, and affection. “Judas” used to sleep out in the cold wallowing in her feces and frozen mud.

Finally A Savior

However, AAS ( Animal Advocates Society) of British Columbia came to the rescue of neglected pet. The organisation swiftly responded to the calls of neighbors and intervened.

A Humane Approach

As it saves pets in Vancouver and other Canadian cities, AAS uses a humane approach. It does not kill animals for cash because it is costly to maintain them or there are no willing people to adopt them.

It exploits all efforts and available options to give a pet a better future and a dignified ending. Moreover, it doesn’t use the SPCA’s provision to kill an animal for $50 to escape future financial responsibility.

A Better Ending

After a life of misery, all the pets that AAS rescues end up with a better future. Just as it was with “Judith,” formerly called “Judas,” the charity secures humane shelter for them.

Most of them die of natural causes after enjoying better days of their lives.

Not A One-man’s Job

But despite the charity organisation doing a great job with a big heart for animals suffering cruelty in BC Canada, the task is too big for one person or a group of a few individuals.

The reason here is that the Advocacy handles different dimensions of rescuing these tortured pets.

First, AAS British Columbia caters for the treatment of these rescued animals since most of them come from neglect and abandonment hence they suffer poor health.

Second, it takes care of rehabilitation’s so that these dogs are restored to normalcy and overcome the trauma they underwent during their days of slavery and torture.

Third, the charity arranged for foster homes for liberated animals.

But one common denominator in all of its activities is cost. All these efforts require money, and the Advocacy solely depends on the well-wishers’ donations to fund its operations.

The above situations mean that without your input into AAS’s endeavours, many dogs, and other domestic animals will continue to suffer.

Every coin you donate is properly used and accounted for hence your generous partnership is highly expected and appreciated. 

Source: AnimalAdvocates

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