Amazing Footage From A Jet Cockpit, Experience The Thrill

Fascinating moment captured from a jet cockpit with HD camera

Amazing Footage From A Jet Cockpit, Experience The Thrill

Flying in cock pit can be one of the most fascinating thing one can experience. It leaves on nervous as the jet hurtles down the runway and takes off to the air. Your heart is likely to leap as the jet velocity increase.

At the runway the captain gets a clearance take off while the jet picks up speed. The speed can only safely be stopped when the jet once again comes back to the runway. You will often hear the jet positively climb up and down taking different angles in the air. The pilot is careful with the thrust he or she applies when running at full power.

From high above the ground you can see the beauty of the ground through the windscreen. The pilot is under full gear and protection. Its quit noisy at times because the air flow tends to come over front of the jet which at times might force you shout at each other. The jets have to coordinate with each other for good compilation and one would think that the jets will crash.


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