All you need to know about Call the Midwife’s heart-breaking season 5 premier

All you need to know about Call the Midwife’s heart-breaking season 5 premier :

Call the Midwife’s

Call the Midwife’s

The British period drama ‘Call the Midwife’ is famous all over the world completed its four successful seasons and ready to telecast the latest season five which was telecast-ed on Sunday in the US.

The show is all about the medical advancement that we have achieved in the decade includes diaphragms, birth control pills, and most important is drug injection during the time of delivery to get relief from the labor pain. In short, it is about thalidomide birth defects.

The show runs around the group of nurses and doctors in the hospital and their decisions to come up with the right solution at the crucial time.

It was first telecast-ed in 2012 and about the normal life in London’s east end in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. There are a number of followers and viewers who have been watching it from the very beginning and wanted the director to cover the major topic of thalidomide.

The writer of the show Heidi Thomas conducted many interviews and shows around the country and in Radio Times festival she stated that there were many people who were asking her to cover the thalidomide history, on which she replied to cover with the sense of emotional and historic responsibility.

Call the Midwife’s

Call the Midwife’s

According to the write-ups, thalidomide was first introduced in the show during the fourth season in which Doctor Turner prescribes the same drug to a woman who was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a serious form of morning sickness for which the Duchess of Cambridge suffered while pregnant with Prince George.

The reason thalidomide was founded in 1950 as it was used to cure nausea which is considered to be normal condition while someone is pregnant and hence it has been started as a prescription for pregnant women.

The thalidomide tragedy was started when there were a number of complaints reported for babies born with thalidomide birth defects in form of deformities.

In the latest season they have decided to cover the whole story and in the last show which was aired on Sunday night in the US, Doctor Turner and the mother who was prescribed the drug, Rhoda Mullucks, faced the reality in which she gave a birth to baby girl with phocomelia – it is extremely rare congenital disorder that doctors would later determine was caused by thalidomide.

In the show, Susan, daughter of Rhoda, suffers from limb reduction anomalies. It covers all the crucial moments about the reactions of all the nurses from the show as they were shocked by the baby’s appearance. It is all about the situation as the midwives doing their best in the moment to protect both mother and baby following an arduous labor.

In Call the Midwives, thalidomide has been covered in the best way possible as they carefully handles the subject material from all angles – showing everything from how the birth defects could tear apart working-class families ill-equipped to care for, afford, or understand the condition to how medical professionals were initially stymied by the disorder and how to handle it.

It is the terminology which has been used by the selected group of doctors and will not be understood by the common people.

It is the same state of mind of Thomas as she stated that “What you’ll find when this episode is shown is that the word thalidomide is never used or referenced because nobody understands the connection or cause at that point.” This is for people to understand as there are a number of thalidomide survivors and thalidomide babies photos all over the internet which can cause disturbance and reason for people to understand the effects of thalidomide.

Call the Midwife’s

Call the Midwife’s

According to the executive director, Pippa Harris, who informed that the same issue will be covered all over the season which will enlighten the topic and shows the character of a strong mother and the struggles of a family.  

According to The Oxford Journal, approximately 10,000 children were born with phocomelia before the ban of thalidomide in most countries.“The thalidomide tragedy marked a turning point in toxicity testing, as it prompted the United States and international regulatory agencies to develop systematic toxicity testing protocols.” Similarly, “the use of thalidomide as a tool in developmental biology led to important discoveries in the biochemical pathways of limb development.”

This paved the way for thalidomide babies life expectancy.


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