Aerial Refueling F-22 Raptor And F-16’s, A Close Up View How Military Plane Are Refueled In Mid Air

Aerial Refueling F-22 Raptor And F-16’s, A Close Up View How Military Plane Are Refueled In Mid Air

Aerial Refueling F-22 Raptor And F-16’s, A Close Up View How Military Plane Are Refueled In Mid Air

There are 3 KC135 aircraft’s that are from the 155th air refueling wing. Here in this video we can see that they are flying in a close formation with 3-aircraft’s, their mission is to refuel the 4 F-16’s and the 6 F-22A Raptors.

They train yearly for the requirements to fly in a large formation. The F-16’s are from the Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado but the F-22’s are from the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

The pilots are from their respective region and insist of Captain Patrick Matol, First Lieutenant Aaron Self, and of course the Boom Operator Technical Specialist Sergeant Bradley Musick. Nebraska National Guard had sent their best with staff Sergeant Rashelle Knickerbocker.

Some requirements call for the war planes to fly straight, elevate to a higher position, stay still in the air, and more. An airplane in flight is a monitored situation that calls for all units to be working together successfully as it can be very dangerous flying a plane.

Luckily, the military planes are being flown by experienced pilots who communicate with their partners through a radio com. It can be a bit hard to hear each other through the com, so it’s important that all members speak clearly and efficiently.

The video was uploaded by US Military Update and has 274,000 reviews.

The planes are being refueled in mid air in a safe and well known area. The KC-10s allow the pilot taking the fuel to communicate with the boom and tanker through the comms connection as opposed to over uniform or victor.

The KC-135s are able to handle this well but the F-22 take quite a bit of gas. Military aircraft companies do an extensive job to make sure the planes are efficient and worthy in order to be us air force tankers.

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is the newest and most improved plane for aerial refueling. It takes close and supervised work for these pilots to be accurate in the way they refuel the plane because if one step is taken wrong it could mean the pilot’s life.

Aerial refueling is quite difficult and military aircraft companies are very cautious when designing a military plane or war plane.

Raptor facts insist that this plane is one of the easiest to refuel and communication can be tricky between on both sides for the pilots.

Teamwork is proving to be important in terms of aircraft’s to ensure that everyone finishes their job efficiently and productively.

Teamwork is also needed in order for all pilots to provide an accurate refueling, as well as communicate with the Boom operator.

Source: US Military Update

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