A massive ’cloud tsunami’ rolls over Sydney as people take to the streets to watch in amazement

A massive ’cloud tsunami’ rolls over Sydney as people take to the streets to watch in amazement

A massive ’cloud tsunami’ rolls over Sydney as people take to the streets to watch in amazement. An incredible footage of a huge cloud rolling over Sydney’s skyline had emerged. Within minutes, breathtaking, spectacular and terrifying pictures and Videos showing an incredible mammoth cloud hitting steadily towards the Bondi Beach were all over twitter and instagram on Friday afternoon. A tall stormy cloud advanced looking like a wall on the coastline.

This huge formation or shelf cloud stunned people as everything came to a standstill especially at Bondi and the media just went explosive. In the social media, it was immediately dubbed as “cloud tsunami” by both the local residents and tourists. Many found it terrifying as they termed it stormageddon, sydneystormand black wall. Some saw it as beautiful calling it beautiful colors.

A shelf cloud is usually a type of arcus clouds that mostly form during severe thunderstorms bringing damaging winds in most cases. This phenomenon termed as a shelf cloud’ is generally caused by moist air which mixes with much cooler winds. The formation is generally a common occurrence but it never gets as massive and intimidating as the one experienced here.

It was a very short but extremely sharp event. Thankfully, the massive terrifying storm slowly moved through Sydney’s sky tower and made its way up to the coastal region of Australia. Everyone’s hope was for things to return to normal again as by Saturday.

The Australian meteorological department came forward to issue a relentless thunderstorm notice for the area saying there were possible heavy rains, wild winds and even hailstorms. They warned people to stay away from power lines , drainage systems and even trees as visible low hanging clouds promptly formed .

As the storm cease, the temperature at Sydney dropped drastically to 20.6 degrees Celsius right from 28 degrees Celsius. Very strong thunderstorms hit some parts of Australia throughout the past one week. In the further North, golf ball size hailstones fell heavily on the vast central coast region.

One photographer, Mr. Moir said the shelf clouds were common but it was almost like a dream to see them that very big and coming just right into Sydney’s coast.


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