5 Things You Must Avoid While Kissing Your Partner

5 Things You Must Avoid While Kissing Your Partner

Truth be told; a kiss is what holds a couple together and while most men hate kissing, women find it even more exciting than sex. Irrespective of the category you fall into, here are 5 things you must avoid while kissing your partner.

Talking while kissing ! Try to relax and keep all discussions at bay. It is no fun to start off a conversation right or a heated debate in the middle of the moment. It will not make the other person lose interest, but the whole thing seen whimsical. As if that is not even enough; keep your mind from drifting off into your to do list. Remember all the reasons you wanted to kiss and enjoy the moment.


Don’t mention names ! When kissing, at times, things can get really intense; whether it is your ex boyfriends of girlfriend,avoid mentioning someone else’s name.


Being sloppy !If you want the whole session to be magical, try all your best not be sloppy. If you can’t control, saliva, practice kissing with a tissues handy and keep wiping the drool. Do this a couple of times and after a while, you will not need the tissue papers. Simple!


Don’t go charging at your partner with your tongue sticking out! This simple mistake could actually make the other person lose interest. Put your two lips together, and then slowly and passionately insert the tongue. This way, we don’t actually get to see the tongue.


Don’t belch! If you feel you want tobelch, please avoid doing intheir mouth.


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