5 foods that help you get beautiful look

5 foods that help you get beautiful look

If you read anything related to healthy food, it will always talk about eating a handful of dry fruits regularly. Since, dry fruits are rich source of various vitamins, nutrients and all the essential fats for body. Dried fruits keep your body healthy and fit. They also have many skin benefits too. That is why you can see a number of dry fruits as the major ingredient of beauty products available today.

Media24by7 Health has collected the details of top 5 foods that help you get beautiful look. So let us know about 5 dry fruits which should be added to your regular diet.

1) Raisin: If you want to protect your beautiful skin and eyes, eating a handful of raisins is something you can do regularly. Raisins are really helpful for body and they prevent tooth decay by keeping cavities away. They are considered to be a great source of Vitamin A.  Experts say that raisin protects you from eye problems. They keep your skin healthy and lower down the process of skin aging. They contain antioxidant that helps skin by giving it a fresh look.

Other benefits: Raisins are packed with potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and iron and they are perfect for people with blood pressure related problems. Raisins are highly recommended for people suffering from anemia.

2) Cashew Nuts: There is a myth associated with cashew nuts. A few people think that cashew nuts are not healthy as they contain a lot of fats. But the reality is different. Consuming cashew nuts in control actually helps you lose weight. People who are trying to lose weight should take cashew nuts. Cashew nut oil is used in many cosmetics products. The oil helps to reduce skin tan and protects the skin from damage. Using cashew nut oil also heals the cracks in heels. Cashew nuts are a great source of Vitamin E and they contain anti-ageing elements as well.

Other benefits: Cashew nuts control blood sugar, cholesterol. It also prevents high blood pressure and maintains blood circulation at normal.

3) Almonds: As tiny as they look, almonds are packed with all necessary fatty acids that our body needs. Almonds are good source of proteins. It is really effective in treating the acne problem. Almond can be used as an excellent face pack. For healthy and glowing skin, soak a few almonds in water and leave it for one night. Next day crush these almonds and prepare a face pack. Apply on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. You will see your skin is glowing and dead cells and dirt are removed from your skin. Almonds can help your hair. Use almond oil, add nutrients and shine to your hair.

Other benefits: Almonds improve hemoglobin level of body and maintain proper blood circulation. While protecting you from fatal diseases like lung or breast cancer, almonds help you maintain cholesterol level.

4) Walnuts: Walnuts are full of essential fats and nutrients. The elements such as Omega 3 acids make these nuts perfect for skin treatment.  The fatty acid nourishes dry skin.

Other benefits: Walnuts are known as brain food. Walnuts are also important in improving cardio vascular health.

5) Pistachio- Pistachios are called powerhouse of nutritional components. It is rich in Vitamin E and protects your skin from ultra violate rays. It also protects your skin from various problems such as skin cancer and aging.

Other benefits: Pistachios help maintain blood sugar, digestion and also prevent heart diseases.

Always look for the best quality and buy these products from a trusted source to get high quality products. You can get more information on Media24by7 Health to improve your lifestyle. So, start your day with a regular diet of healthy dried fruits and get healthy glowing skin.


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