24 Most Insanely Satisfying Ship Launching Ever Recorded, A Very Addictive Ship Launch Video

24 Most Insanely Satisfying Ship Launching Ever Recorded, A Very Addictive Ship Launch Video

24 Most Insanely Satisfying Ship Launching Ever Recorded, A Very Addictive Ship Launch Video

Ship launching is one of the most important step of the entire construction process of the ship. There are different types of methods for launching the ship into the water.

There is a floating-out ship launch, gravitational launch, mechanical and even an air-bag ship launch.

However, Side Oiled Slideway Launching is one of the most commonly used method for launching of the ships.

The process of slideway launching involves the extension of a slideway into the water and the ship usually slides into the water using this slideway. The slideway can be oiled or waxed for assistance in sliding. Slideway launching has another type wherein the slideway does not extend into the water and the ship slides into the water along with its frames based on its own stability and buoyancy.

However, this type of ship launching requires for the ship to be of great strength and have great stability.

Ship launches are often public spectacles and are events of common public viewings. Hence, a ship launch is a big event. But what excites people the most during the entire event is not the naming ceremony or breaking of a champagne bottle on the bow but the launching of the ship into the water.

The floating-out ship launch type is not very exciting as it only involves filling up the dock with water and is not considered a “ship-launch” type by many merely because of its simple procedure.

But the slideway launch is a big hit as it involves watching a ship slide into the water, and then the ship almost always bend at more than 60 degree angle and is then stabilized on its own.

These huge ships make a big splash when they enter the water because of their weight and watching a ship almost lie flat on the water surface as a result of slideway launch is somehow psychologically insanely satisfying to one’s mind.

There are even YouTube videos showing ship launches, one of them being “24 most insanely satisfying ship launches ever recorded”.

It is a twelve minute video and covers many ship launching’s. One can even see the different ways that ships are launched, though mostly they are slideway launching ship.

It is a hilarious ship launching compilation with more than 3.5 million views and covers ship launches from all over the world like Australia, United Kingdom, Asia and United States. It is a very addictive ship launch video compilation.

Source: RodsburghNewsLive

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