10 Unusual and Bizarre Foods Eaten by the People

Food is something that can easily be termed as the basic necessity. Each and every culture has their set of foods, though, and some of them are bizarre foods. These are the exact kind of things that people often get excited about.

Top 10 bizarre foods That People Eat:

The following is the list of ten unusual foods in the world:

1.The Fugu Fish:

bizarre foods

This food needs no introduction. Fugu is one fish that is banned in many countries. The only reason being the presence of dangerous poison that actually can paralyze the human beings to an unrecoverable state and also ensure death in many cases. It is still consumed in Japan. The bizarre part is that there are specially trained chefs over a period to take care of this fish only and without an active license cannot work on this fish.

2.The Nakji:

The Nakji dish

This can be any day termed as a life threatening dish without any problem. This is one particular dish that has an octopus that is live. Yes, in this a live octopus is served to the people that by the way is whole. This can often cause deaths as the octopus can be devastating when they are trying to consume. They can choke you to death.

3.The Sannakji:

The Sannakji dish

This is again a live octopus dish. The best part about it is, though, that the octopus is cut into pieces. No matter how much the octopus is cut it still seems to remain alive and very much moving for a long period. This though is a relief as at least there are no chances of getting choked to death on these.

4.The Birds Nest Soup:

The Birds Nest Soup

One of the best delicacies and costliest dishes that people can usually come around with is this particular dish of course. This particular dish is made out of the nest of a bird, the swift to be specific. Most often the nests are not cooked and are just like that put in the soup. With the times changing though these nests nowadays are also deep fried.

5.The Yak Penis:

Yak Penis

The weirdness of this particular dish is given away in the title itself. This particular dish, though, is not by any means a bizarre food in China. It is a delicacy and a great and nutritious dish for many people. This particular dish, though, is only found in Beijing and is considered as one of the healthiest dishes that people can come to.

6.Century Old Egg:

Century Old Egg

This particular egg stays buried under the ground for almost a century and definitely can be considered that old genuinely when they are served. For most people eating an egg ten days old is bizarre in itself and then there is this, a century old rotten egg that is rather considered quite a delicacy.

7.Kopi Luwak:

Kopi Luwak

Coffee is one of the favorites of a human being. This is the reason why these particular coffee beans of Kopi Luwak are so very costly. The civets are the animals which consume the coffee beans, and when they defecate these same beans, then they become the famous Kopi luwak beans which are used to make the coffees.

8.The Balut:

The Balut

One of the most famous dishes from the region of the Philippines, this particular dish is again a concept of an egg. This time, though people do not get to consume an egg as in the egg, they can get to consume the carcass of a duck embryo. This is an egg that contains the duck embryo when it is consumed.

9.The Mopane:

The Mopane

The mopane is one of the insect dishes that people would hardly like. These are caterpillars that the people are eating. Yes, these caterpillars are usually the residents of the mopane trees, and so the name given to them is Mopane. After drying them out totally, the caterpillars are consumed and are often the snack item in the house.

10.The Drunken Shrimps:

The Drunken Shrimps

This is one particular dish that can be a bit cruel to many people. In this dish, the shrimps are marinated and with a good amount of alcohol and then they are consumed by the people. Many may wonder that what is so very bizarre. Well, the shrimps are very much alive and drunk when they are eaten of course.

This is one list that may never end, but then these dishes mentioned above stand out to the be the weirdest dishes that you can come around with.

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