10 Trending Tips for Beautiful Skin in Summer

Get ready to face the sun’s rays with our top 10 tips for beautiful skin in summer!

The summer season can be the time for holidaying and for taking care of the skin too. Too much exposure to the sun can spoil the texture of the skin eventually making you look dull. Should this bother you from staying outdoors? It shouldn’t. Let us know of the 10 proven tips to a beautiful skin in summer.


It is always better to apply a self-tanner from a store than to get tanned under the sun. Tanning from the sun not only makes you look pale and dull but also may lead to causing cancer to skin. No one wants that. It is advisable to have a self-tanner and exfoliating the skin before applying the lotion over the body. This will prevent from uneven patches on the skin from the self-tanner.

Beautiful Skin in summer


This is one of the most beneficial products that you can’t do without during summers. Dermatologists across the globe recommend that applying sunscreen with SPF over 30 can be more fruitful than with less SPF.  Make sure to check the following ingredients on the sunscreen before you purchase it- sun blocking agents and SPF over 30. If it is below that add extra coating.


3.Take care of the Lips

Only skin is not what is affected by the sun in summers, it is the lips too. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen for lips. The sunscreen should have SPF in it.

Lips sunscreen


Exfoliating the body to let the pores open and breathe is an important part of summer’s routine. Also, exfoliate the areas around the bikini which can eventually avoid the hair that is about to grow.



How can we forget the hair which enhances the beauty of any woman? During summers, it is recommended that a good spray after hair wash is applied. It is true that hair wash rejuvenates one from head to toe but don’t forget that over washing of hair can diminish the moisture content that protects the hair from the heat.

Hair spray


Application of avocado oil is a great way to keep the skin nourished. We tend to forget those intricate parts like elbows, arm pits etc. Make sure to moisturize them too.


7.Be gentle

We tend to use products like peel off, scrubs, exfoliates, glycolic acids, retinoids etc. to keep skin smooth and clean but that make the skin more prone to sun attack as the skin gets sensitive and fragile. Antibiotics like tetracycline can hamper the skin more as it enhances the damage by the sun. Avoiding those antibiotics is one advice that should be followed.


8.Mineral makeup

Foundations that we apply on our face and neck are likely to melt in heat and results in sweating. Trying mineral makeup which has a base that doesn’t easily sweat is a good alternative.

Mineral makeup

9.Eat healthy

Remember that what we eat is directly proportional to how we look. Eating good food and more fluid can enhance your facial charm. Vegetables, fruits, and protein add that wow element to making the face look younger and ever beautiful.

Eat healthy food


Drink lots of water as that is one of the greatest mantras to keep the skin hydrated and young. Drink water in proportion to your weight because over drinking can cause damage to the bowel.


So, follow these great tips and turn eyebrows in wonder this summer.

Source: everydayhealth.com

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