10 Signs That You’re Doing Just Fine Without Him

Breakups are tough. Some can accept the fact that a person who meant the most is not with them anymore and some just can’t digest this fact. Falling for someone is the easiest thing, but most of the people don’t rise in love together. Hence, they break up.

Well, here are some of the signs that prove you’re doing just fine without him. So take a look at these and find out if you have moved on or not? 


1.His Memories Don’t Make You Sad Anymore

you're doing just fine without him
Memories are the part of life. Every person has some good memories and some bad ones. But as you’ve moved on, so going back to the times spent with him doesn’t make you want him back now. It simply doesn’t matter. 

2.He Is Not the First Thing You Think About In The Morning

He is not your first thought in the morning anymore. You wake up with vibrant positivity. You dress well, go out and rock the world.

3.You Have a Good Night’s Sleep

You Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Previously during the stage of the break ups, you may have suffered a lot in sleeping. You found it too hard to sleep at night. But now you can sleep well. And, you wake up fresh every morning. Yes, girl, you are doing well without him. Just carry on!

4.You’ve Started Loving Yourself Again

You’ve Started Loving Yourself Again
You’ve stopped sitting in your room thinking about him the whole day. Now, you go out, chill with your friend, take care of yourself and do every possible thing to make yourself feel happy.

5.You Are Taking Tough Decisions Yourself and Not Depending On Others

If you are no more dependent on your broke up boyfriend and can take up all your decisions alone, then it’s sure girl, that you are grown up and doing much better than you used to do while having him in your life.

6.You Hardly Have Sad Tracks On Your Phone

You Hardly Have Sad Tracks On Your Phone
Now neither the sad songs do not bring tears to your eyes, nor the romantic songs do not scare you. There is no song limitation. You can listen, whatever you want to. 

7.You Dream of A Better Future Life

A breakup is not the end of your life. There are many good people around, and you deserve a better future with somebody else, who is the perfect match for you. If you have started dreaming of a better life in the future, and the breakup no more worries you, then be sure, you are quite okay without him.

8.His Come Back Doesn’t Stress You

His Come Back Doesn’t Stress You
Breakups are tough, but they actually make you emotionally stronger than before. Unlike before, now you don’t keep crying over him. His absence hardly matters.

9.You Aren’t Scared to Express Your Love

A break up can be a depressing stage for every girl. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of life and love. If you can express your love for someone else, and you don’t scare to fall in love again, then, oh girl, you are doing perfectly without him. Don’t nag for your broken relationship. Just move ahead as you are moving now.

10.He Is Just An Another Ordinary Person For You

You don’t even stalk him on social media now. Who is he dating, what is he doing, these things do not bother you anymore.

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