10 Good Reasons To Quit Smoking Now

10 Good Reasons To Quit Smoking Now

It is good to try everything new, this is pleasurable. But what if it becomes a habit or addiction? Addiction for anything can hurt your life severely. Everyone knows that smoking poorly affects the lungs. Smoking also causes the disease called emphysema. However even after knowing all these disastrous effects, people are unable to quit smoking. Addiction for smoking is the way towards death.


You will be shocked to know that smoking increases the risk of blindness for five times. Smoking is also responsible for the faster decline of mental function. It is a slow poison that destroys the thinking capacity of a person. Smoking decreases the functioning capacity of lungs, it damages the lungs.

The research reports stat that an average smoker spends about 30 to 40 thousand Rs. on smoking per year. A huge amount of money is spent on smoking, this is wastage. You can use this amount for many other productive causes.

Do you know that the chemicals present in cigarette restrict the proper flow of blood in your body? It makes the blood impure. This is the reason that causes skin darkening, wrinkles and pimples. So for all the people who are concerned about their health should immediately try to quit smoking.

Smoking is considered dangerous for the woman who are pregnant or even who are planning for a baby. It affects the mental abilities of child. Smoking can also lead to cause miscarriage. It can also have harmful effects causing abnormalities in the baby. So the pregnant women should strictly quit smoking.

You should try to quit smoking at least for the sake of environment. Tobacco production causes deforestation at a high rate. Researchers report that nearly 10% of the total deforestation is caused due to tobacco production. We know that it is impossible to imagine life without plants, so we should try to save some oxygen for their healthy life of future generation.

The teenagers who start smoking at the age of 15 or 16 can face an early death due to lung cancer. Smoking affects the body of a teenager more than that of an adult. The feeling of addiction is high at the teenage. So the parents should strictly try to control their children and save them from smoking.

Many smokers have reported that they feel restless, sick and tired even after completing the night sleep. Smoking affects the quality sleep and let the person feel low for the whole day. Avoid smoking and try to have sound sleep, so that you can feel fresh and enthusiastic in the morning.

For all the young boys, you should keep in mind that girls love the boys who are non smokers. Even they prefer to kiss a boy who doesn’t smoke. Even boys prefer the perfect girl with no ‘bad habits’. So do not let the ashes of cigarette destroy your perfect love life.

Mostly the teenagers get involve in smoking due to pressure. However, the teenagers should keep in mind that your friends and surroundings describe your culture, ethics and class. You can have the friends that encourage you to drink, smoke and destroy your life. Or else, you can have the friends that encourage you to live a pure and healthy and successful life. The choice is all yours.

Quit smoking and try to be true at least to yourself.  You should try to do your best to stay away from the things that cause addiction such as smoking, alcohol and drugs .Try to follow a way to healthy life. For more health related updates keep visiting Media24by7.


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